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Annual Module Cleaning Package 11 to 15 kw

35400 Rs.60000
Client should be responsible for making water available as per requirement. Safe and clear Access to the Solar Site will be provided by Client. Any special Coatings if required due to special conditions at Site will cost additional. The above prices are only for Module Cleanings. For Sites out of Haryana, additional charges for Travel and other Logistics will be extra as per Location.
Warranty: 1 Year

Annual Maintenance Contract

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  • General Terms & Conditions:

    1. Period of Contract: The contract is valid for Annualy from the date of signing of memorandum of
    understanding (MOU) on AMC. This may be renewed annualy subject to rendering of satisfactory
    service & fulfilling the term & conditions.

    2. Payment Term: For all AMC, payment will be made as described in quotation.

    3. Maintenance of Parts: Maintenance of the Solar PV Power System includes module cleaning,
    Structure painting at rusting areas, Inverter testing, and connection testing however Replacement of Solar
    PV plant material Solar PV plant material and some consumable items are not covered under AMC. However
    the servicing agency may provide such components and the price may be fixed at the time of signing of AMC.

    4. Quality of Spares: The equipment parts replaced must be new and equivalent in performance of existing

    5. Additional Charges: The AMC cost includes the travelling cost within 50 Km from operational office for
    rendering service throughout the quarterly period for one or all locations & for one or all systems.
    Travelling cost will be extra if plant is out of 50 Km from operational office.

    6. GST: The AMC cost includes GST. It is charged at actual. (18%)

    7. Working Hours: The maintenance work shall normally be done during working hours of the customer.
    However, in case of emergency maintenance may have to be done beyond office hours and even on
    Holidays prior arrangement through proper communication should be worked out in all cases by the
    Servicing agencies.

    8. Final Authority: The final authority for payments will be Head of the Organization offering the AMC.

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