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MICROTEK GTI 20KW 3-PH- M32 On Grid Inverter

110900 Rs.124218
  • LCD+LED Display, interface Selection.
  • Wi-Fi/RS485 for more flexible configuration.
  • System Monitoring, Low Maintenance Cost.
  • Max 07.2% Efficiency.
  • Real Time Precise MPPT Algorithm for Best Performance.
  • Wide Input voltage Operating Range.
  • Plug & Play Easy Installation & Maintenance.
  • IP65 for Free Site Selection.
  • Intelligent Grid Management.
  • Reactive Power Capability & Self power Reducer when over Frequency.
  • Zero Export to grid kit (Optional).
Warranty: 5 Years

Annual Maintenance Contract

24 Hour Services

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More details

  • Microtek Grid tied inverters, or GTI, are not a special type of DC to AC power inverter that is widely used in renewable energy systems. They are often used to power the grid that can be sold to an electrical company. For example, if within a month the Microtek Grid tied inverters system feeds 500 kilowatt hours on the utility grid, and of these 100 hours spent, they will receive compensation for an additional 400 hours. Policies regarding this 'complete rating' program vary depending on your location and the authorities in it.

    There are many different types of grids tied to the market today but Microtek Grid binding inverters form new and advanced technologies. Microtek Grid variants with high-frequency Inverter use a computer process that contains several different steps to convert power into high frequency AC, return to DC, and then AC again to the required output power.


    1. Significant reduction in electricity bills
    Since there are net meters, the consumer should only pay for the remaining electricity he uses, to ensure that the monthly debt is significantly reduced. Many of our customers are able to reduce their monthly bills by 90%.

    2. Easy maintenance
    The removal of batteries from the grid system makes maintenance much easier. It also eliminates battery storage costs

    3. Sync with other energy sources
    These systems can also sync with a diesel generator on site. This is important in the event of a power grid not being available. (You should add a link here to link to another blog or technical article to learn more about this)

    4. Better ROI
    The cost of the On-grid solar system is lower than other types of solar systems because there are no batteries. It also produces a much higher energy value compared to other types of solar systems. Minor maintenance and reduction of monthly energy bills ensures that the customer receives a ROI of 25 - 30%. This means that the customer earns Rs.25,000 for every 1,00,000 investors in the sun.

    With these advantages, the grid system is best suited for the customer with a stable grid capacity and low power cuts. Outside homes, even educational institutions, industrial, commercial units include an on-grid system as the system can adapt to diesel generators to provide uninterrupted power.

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